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Operational Readiness Review

Ensure your business is following operational best practices with help from a Genesys expert. Focus is placed on optimizing solution usage to decrease the risk of downtime and improving the overall experience operating your Genesys solution.


  • Identification of the roles that will manage the applications and processes around your Genesys solution to include in this review.
  • Production traffic live for over one month.

How it works

This is a 40-hour engagement spread across 2 weeks. During this engagement, the Genesys expert will:

  1. Conduct a kickoff call to review the overall process, goals, and key roles.

2. Conduct 3 days of on-site resource shadowing of your operations staff to assess your usage of best practices, areas of improvement and efficiencies, and configuration optimization. Potential targeted areas include:

  • Troubleshooting processes
  • Configuration change practices
  • Training gaps

3. Conduct a remote session to discuss the outcomes of the shadowing sessions and provide a report on our recommendations.

4. Provide follow-up consultation to address outstanding questions or concerns.

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*Customer will pay T&E for onsite delivery.

Listing Details:

License Type
40 hours spread across 2 weeks
Remote or onsite