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Amazon Lex Bot Integration Quick Start

Take the first step towards leveraging the Amazon Lex integration by accelerating a proof-of-concept solution focused on solving for your chosen use case.


  • AWS environment with a configured Lex bot
  • Recommended: Completion of the Genesys Cloud CX Advanced Architect training course

How it works

This is a 4-hour, remote engagement with a Genesys Cloud CX expert followed by optional consulting hours. During this engagement, the Genesys Cloud CX expert will:

  • Define use cases for a Lex integration.
  • Install the application and assist with authorizing Genesys Cloud CX on your AWS environment.
  • Show you how to configure one Call Lex Chatbot action as a basic, proof-of-concept solution related to the defined use case.
  • Review the solution against the use case goals with documented steps to demonstrate functionality.
  • Provide remote follow-up consulting for up to 4 hours in the 5 business days following the engagement.

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License Type
Genesys Cloud CX 1 & above
Typical Lead Time
Remote or onsite