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Workforce Management Optimization

Engage with a Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Management expert who will host meetings, facilitate configuration changes, and share practice suggestions during onsite workshops. After evaluating the current state of your planning, processes, and reporting, the Genesys Cloud CX expert may also identify capabilities not being fully leveraged to drive performance improvement recommendations.


  • Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Management configured and collecting historical data for a minimum of 30 days
  • Recommended: Completion of the Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Management training course

How it works

In this on-site engagement, we will do the following:

  1. Pre-visit preparation: Preparation begins prior to the visit. The Genesys Cloud CX expert will:
    • Request data on issues impacting your operation.
    • Lead a 1-hour kick-off call to discuss the objectives, major pain points, on-site agenda, and data requested.
  1. On-site discovery: The expert comes to you for 2.5 days of meetings to share best practices and review state of your current practices, configuration, and training.
  2. Post-visit follow-up: Within 5 business days of the on-site discovery, the Genesys Cloud CX expert will:
    • Deliver a document detailing the findings from the on-site discovery, the activities performed, and recommendations for improvement.
    • Lead a 2-hour follow-up call to ensure new and outstanding questions are answered.

*Customer will pay T&E for onsite delivery.

Listing Details:

License Type
Genesys Cloud CX 3
Typical Lead Time
40 hours across multiple workshops
Remote or onsite