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VoIP Health Assessment

Validate your production network for high quality voice performance with guidance from a Genesys voice-over-IP (VoIP) expert. The assessment tests the voice paths to confirm end-to-end QoS, mitigating the risk to audio quality. This engagement has three different tiers based on the size of the production network of the site being assessed, as follows:

   Single Site Size   Max number of VoIP VLANs   Max number of WAN links
   Small                        2                          1
   Medium                        4                          2
   Large                        8                          2



  • QoS enabled
  • ICMP/UDP allowed through network
  • Test machine on VLANs to be tested

How it works

This is a remote engagement that analyzes your infrastructure to determine QoS tagging behavior and concurrent call capacity. A typical engagement goes like this:

  1. Kick-off call
  2. Deployment of test PCs (sequencers)
  3. Completion of network documentation
  4. Confirmation of Genesys access to your environment and test PCs
  5. VoIP health assessment
  6. Notification of assessment results
  7. Delivery of final report



Listing Details:

License Type
PureCloud 1 & above
Varies by number of VoIP VLANs and WAN links
Remote or onsite