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Support Architect

A substantial change in the system requires careful planning and increased attention during deployment. Mitigate your risk by engaging Genesys experts’ assistance on evaluation, planning, monitoring, and completion.

How it works

The Genesys expert will provide ongoing support of your platform and routing systems. Support schedule is determined by customer needs and includes:

  • Platform Supportability and Maintainability
  • Configuration Consistency and Optimization Review
  • Architecture and Topology review
  • Upgrade Advisory
  • Routing Review
  • System Trend Analysis, including High Call Volume day assessment that includes:
    • Component sizing evaluation and optimization
    • Outage support during business hours based on need
    • Post-incident analysis and risk mitigation plan
    • 3rd party software interoperability and integration points review
    • Compatibility review
    • Platform security recommendations

Listing Details:

License Type
Typical Lead Time
6 or 12 Months
Remote or onsite