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Routing Logic Review

This review is designed to identify, and subsequently mitigate risks associated with poor performance, invalid logic and inappropriate error handling on Genesys Cloud CX Architect Call Flows. It provides guidance and best practices regarding routing design, structure and documentation, and highlights any logical or other errors found.

How it works

This engagement is designed to help those that may have a high incident rate related to routing or poor/inconsistent error messaging due to suboptimal routing logic.

Customers can expect the following outcomes from this service:

  • An optimized production environment routing logic and call flow design.
  • Less future risk associated with changes to the platform as well as new consistency in configuration analysis and call routing performance.
  • A full set of recommendations or next steps actions for further consideration.


Listing Details:

License Type
Typical Lead Time
Up to 120 Hours depending on Call Flows
Remote or onsite