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Partner Tech Success

Your customers face unique challenges navigating the changes involved in adopting a customer experience (CX) technology platform. Make sure you have the needed know-how and resources to guide them through their journey.

How it works

A Technical Account Manager becomes your strategic technical advisor, empowering you to become your customers’ proactive, technical consultant. Topics covered in the engagement include:

  • Performing risk assessments
  • Planning migration strategies
  • Operating case management
  • Identifying training opportunities for deployment and beyond
  • Navigating roadmap and proactive roll-outs consultations

In addition, the Technical Account Manager becomes your assigned resource that guides you through essential technical aspects of your comprehensive success plan, including:

  • Training and operational opportunities and best practices
  • Case trend analysis
  • Critical issues/outage root cause analysis
  • Strategic planning for new deployments and roll-outs


*Partner will pay T&E for onsite delivery.

Listing Details:

License Type
12 months
Remote or onsite