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Health Tune-up Advisory

Caller experience, routing efficiency, and issue resolution rates are all affected by the health of your routing design, configuration consistency, and overall operating environment. Before investing additional resources, make sure you understand the health of your platform against best practices.

How it works

This comprehensive engagement assesses your solution’s health and optimization opportunities through a 360-degree, three-part review. It includes:

  • Upgrade Advisory Review – An expert will evaluate the need/opportunities for upgrades based on your organization’s roadmap, operating environment and issue history.
  • Routing Logic Review – The support architect will assess routing performance, invalid logic and inappropriate error handling, and provide guidance on routing design and structure and documentation best practices.
  • Configuration Consistency and Optimization Review – An expert will evaluate configuration consistency across your Genesys platform, provide recommendations on efficient log configuration, and more.


Listing Details:

License Type
Typical Lead Time
Lead time
Up to 300 hours
Remote or onsite