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Architecture and Topology Assessment

Non-optimal or incorrect architecture design can negatively impact your customer’s CX experience, in addition to slowing down your organization’s operations. Make sure your solution is running at its best by adhering to best practices.


  • Configuration database export
  • List of Genesys components with versions, including OS, Databases, 3rd party components and customizations.
  • Architecture Diagrams, including Network
  • Infrastructure Roadmap

How it works

This engagement is designed to identify existing issues and possible risk areas in your platform. A support architect will:

  • Conduct an Architecture & Topology Validation review. This includes assessment of your Architecture and Topology environment against best practices, SMART Blueprints and known issues. It is designed to reveal anomalies/issues/risks from the following perspectives:
    • Resiliency: Disaster recovery, high availability, cross-site architecture, distributed Solution Control Server
    • Scalability: Elasticity, N+1 clustering/load balancing approach and configuration
    • Performance: Application co-location and prevention of race conditions on architecture level
  • Review Management Layer and other specified solutions.
  • Provide a detailed assessment and recommendations for improvement.


Listing Details:

License Type
Typical Lead Time
Lead time
120 hours spread across 4 - 6 weeks
Remote or onsite